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Locally, in Dallas, Texas, Grace Road Ministries serves Nepalese refugees. This Nepalese community has come to Dallas with very little but with much hope in their eyes. They do not know how to provide for themselves and their families in this environment. They look to Grace Road Ministries to teach them how to lead a fulfilling life walking with God.

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Internationally, in Nepal, Grace Road Ministries serves the Nepalese to improve their livelihood amidst an extremely poor nation. The people of this community are in need of basic life necessities like food, shelter and medical care. Most importantly, they are in need of a follower of Christ to show them the way to eternal life. Christianity is not the primary religion of Nepal.


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skip geri shirley charity golf tournament


Photo from 2015 Golf Tournament

Skip & Geri Shirley Charity Golf Tournament

Register for the golf tournament today! All proceeds go to Grace Road Ministries and their unique mission to provide for the Nepalese people locally and internationally.